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Testimonial from Mrs. M of Virginia Beach
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Dear Jayhawk Exteriors,

Arnie, thank you and your wonderful crew on a job well done. I am a stay at home mom and am always in charge of hiring people for many things – plumbers, heating and cooling, gardeners are among a few. I have always had to deal with prices, details, surprising cost – its always been a headache.

I have never written a thank you note for anyone we have ever hired till Jayhawk Exteriors fixed and replaced our roof. I was amazed at the courtesy, expertise, and professionalism of Arnie and the crew. The estimate was right on with no worries. The whole job was a dream with people coming and doing their job – excellent at that – and leaving with precision. Believe me, my yard and deck ended up cleaner that what they started off with.

After the crew finished, they did such a great clean up job, I didn’t have to do or say a thing except THANK YOU TO THE BEST HIRED ROOF!!

Mrs. M of Virginia Beach