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Testimonial from Gil M
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Dear Chili,

I want to thank you for bailing me out here in Brevard County, FL. I was sinking fast in the volume of work here after the hurricanes and having to deal with mediocre installers just to keep my head above
water. You arrived with your team, got your paperwork in order, and went to work like no installer I have ever seen.

Your professionalism, integrity, honesty, and work ethic are second to none. Although you may not have heard them because calls went straight to Home Depot, Jayhawks’s crews constantly received compliments from our
customers. Suppliers even raved about you and your team.

Jayhawk Exteriors completed over 240 roof installations for Home Depot here in Brevard County, FL. I hope to never have to go through this again, but if I do, you’ll be the first person I call.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Gil Maggs
Project Manager
Home Depot at home services, Tampa Branch

Gil M
Home Depot