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Testimonial from James C
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Replaced gutters and downspouts on the rear of our two story house. I got three quotes and Jayhawk was the lowest for the features I wanted...The other gutter folks had bids ranging from $3100 to $4800. I wanted a gutter guard for the top roof, no gutter guard for the bottom. I can reach that easily. Jayhawk estimator was quick, polite and honest. He gave me a simple, no BS quote then and there. As he was the last bidder and had the best price. I could sign the contract right then, no cash in advance. i felt a little nervous at the excellent price, but I have good vibes from the gentleman and Jayhawk had good reviews. Communications were very good. He gave me a date that was pending on some parts. When the parts came in he called to let me know the date was good. Come install day, they showed up and did their job and they called the night before to make sure all was a go. Installation looks very nice, all debris was cleaned up. Has not rained yet, but it sure looks good to me.

Thank you Jayhawk

James C