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Testimonial from James H
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We had been having some issues with our roof since we bought the house last October (mostly due to the November Nor'easter). We decided to go ahead and get a new roof as it had been about 13 years since the house was built and the most cheap builders' grade materials were used.

We did our homework and called out to several contractors to get estimates and do interviews. The time was a little off because we were going on vacation the following week so some we had to postpone others just said they would call us back etc...We worked with Arnie, and while on vacation he came to our house, did the measurements, estimate, and even left a folder for us when we got back with their company info, references (extremely professional looking). Once we got back we sat down with Arnie and discussed pricing, which was the highest individual price for a contractor, however by very little, and that was mostly because of the warranty which very few contractors in this area can offer, small price for peace of mind. He was very low-pressure, and understood our situation with interviewing other contractors. The next day we decided to go with Jayhawk, and Arnie came out with colors and answered a few more of our questions. Within two days we received a called that the crew would be coming out on Monday (less than a week after initial meeting) to begin installing the new roof. The crew showed up around 7 in the morning, roaring to go. Your front and backyard will look like war zones when they take the old roof off, but their clean up efforts are unmatched. Over the course of the two day installation, Arnie was onsite for most of the installation and kept a very good eye on what was being done. They even took off the satellite dish that we didn't use (per our request). After about a day the installation was done, Arnie called to make sure we were happy with the roof. A rundown of what we got: Complete Roof Replacment (Around 2800 sq ft)30-year Architect Shingles System Plus Warranty (rated at 130 MPH) I have already referred a couple of friends to them, and overall I was extremely pleased and by far the best experience I have had with any contractor since becoming a homeowner.

James H